I’m working on putting a video on here but I haven’t mastered that yet, so in the meantime, I’ll tell you a short story.

Our third or fourth day there, we went way out to Bethel’s Bank and I was driving back, heading toward the 7-mile bridge. All of a sudden, a storm came out of nowhere.


I picked up our speed a bit, hoping to outrace it. We got under the bridge, my destination for shelter, but the boat would not slow down. Dave kept hollering, “Slow down!” I kept saying, “I can’t!” He took my place behind the wheel and found that he had no better luck slowing the boat down. He told me I was going to have to drive the boat while he looked at the motor. I gave him a pleading look and winced, as if to say, please no, do I have to? He gave me the look back of you’re kidding.

Acknowledging that I didn’t have a better idea, I got behind the wheel and drove. And I prayed. I wondered how long it would take us to drive until we ran out of fuel. I prayed again. The boat suddenly slowed, and before I knew it, we were idling and Dave was smiling. Proud of himself for figuring it out, I imagine (which I was too!). Anyhow, a screw rattled loose causing a flap on something to stay open, hindering the idle mechanism thingy from moving like it’s supposed to. Something like that.

We looked back and the storm was gone.