A Last and A First

We seem to be going a bit slower here, compared to other pictures of us 4-wheeling. This was in late 2008, after Dave's accident. It seems weird to me now that I would even want to go. And I likely did not, but did just to keep my eye on Dave. And no, it's not … Continue reading A Last and A First

When we were muddin’

We had fun in our 4-wheeling days, it is just not something I want to do anymore. We went out with our neighbor once after Dave's accident, and that was it. I hadn't given much thought to exactly how I felt about the activity until just a couple of days ago when I was talking … Continue reading When we were muddin’

Day 2 of the Trauma 10 Years Ago

It was a Friday night, around eight o'clock, when Dave flipped his 4-wheeler. We had not even been at the camp site more than a couple of hours when it happened. We were meeting friends from the close west coast, but they were not coming until the next day. Their young adult sons, however, had … Continue reading Day 2 of the Trauma 10 Years Ago

The Trauma 10 Years Ago

On this very day ten years ago - February 22, 2008, at this same time - 8 p.m., I took this picture.   I was following Dave, who had flipped his ATV. The ambulance took him to the nearest hospital - Lake Placid, I think, and they said they simply could not handle such a … Continue reading The Trauma 10 Years Ago