Nineteen States in Nine Months

Between August and May, we have seen 19 states, and in hindsight I wish I would have thought of collecting their plates. First there was Florida, then there was Georgia, and in Tennessee we stopped because of friends we wanted to see. Next we drove through Arkansas in order to get to Texas, where it was Dave’s brother, niece, and her girls that we saw. Up to Oklahoma was our next stop to see my mom and dad, then back through Texas then New Mexico so that we could get to Colorado. Another brother of Dave’s we stayed with for a couple of days, it was great.

Back to Oklahoma we went. Picked up my folks, and the next few days in Nashville we spent. My nephew’s wedding was what we did, a real shin-dig.

It was mid-September before it finally came time to come home, for hurricane Irma had  hovered Florida like a drone. Waiting until we knew it was gone, we high-tailed it back and it still took us long. Through Oklahoma then Texas, we felt at home there by now, then going through Louisiana, I felt we had a sort of comradery, somehow. Mississippi and Alabama were the next states to go through, before back in our home state of Florida, where there were no rooms at any of the inns, period.

A little less than eight months later, another road trip we took, this time to northern Michigan, where our daughter graduated nursing school – Look!


Again we drove through Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, which I am not counting here, you see. But the next state, Kentucky – yes, which we thoroughly enjoyed – with beauty it has been blessed. Ohio was next, and their roads were so terrible, we joked about them having some kind of hex. Shortly after entering Michigan, we stopped for the night, seeing some old friends again.

On “Star Wars Day” we went further north, where Amanda’s graduation was on May the fourth. After celebrating and spending a few days there with her, the three of us went to Indiana – Indianapolis, as it were. Spending time together sight-seeing was mostly what we did, downtown we walked around just about every joint. Then finally, the finale – we went to Cedar Point! The “Roller-Coaster Capital of the World,” is what they say. Who they are, who knows, but what the hey!

Cedar Point is in Ohio, which we won’t count again because, you know. Next we went through a state neither one of us had been to – West Virginia. Is this now the most beautiful state I have ever seen? Yeah!

Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina we drove through before getting to familiar Georgia, and then the state we call home – Florida.

So there it is, nineteen states in nine months! And we loved every mile of it.

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