Information Station

Looking to get a hold of me or someone in my family? The best way would be for you to email me – admin (at)

If you are looking for me on social media, I should be easy to spot, but on there, I am not. Although I have accounts, I have not been active on social media for several years, for so many reasons. However, I am slowly re-engaging, some of which can be seen on the sidebar of this blog. Others, like Google+ (and probably what I frequent the most) or Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube, you will have to go there and search for me, Susie Raffey. Not really a fan of Facebook though, and whether or not this is likely to change,  I do not know.

Years ago I wrote a post regarding my rendezvous with status checks and cigarettes, where I blame my need to remove myself from such sites on my need to stop smoking. If you’d like to read it, click here. Other sites where you can find me include Shutterfly, where I have my online photo album, and our websites –,, and

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